Toilets might not be glamorous ….

… but they are so essential!!

A new Ventilated Improved Pit Latrine at a school makes all the difference to the health, well-being and confidence of children – and it means that girls can continue going to school after they reach puberty, when otherwise they might drop out because they feel very vulnerable and exposed if they have only the nearby bushes to use as their toilet.   A new latrine makes all the difference for the teachers too!

We always include a new VIP latrine in every school building project we undertake: they are the appropriate technological response to this need in the rural areas.  We also include basic hand washing facilities outside the latrines and encourage teachers to explain to the children the need for washing their hands after using the toilet.  Our recent large-scale Impact Assessment has shown that the health and well-being of the children at the schools where we have worked has improved significantly, thanks to the new latrines.

As we received the details of all the school building projects that we hope to fund this year, we realised that it would be far more appropriate for us to put together many of our smaller donations to provide the new latrines for some of these schools.   So, THANK YOU to all to all our supporters who give small amounts of money regularly or occasionally.  Your donations make the world of difference.

old latrine

Replacing the old latrines like this one

Jakiri GTC latrine

Providing new ventilated, discreet latrines like this.