Small donations making a BIG difference!

A couple of modest donations that have come in to the charity lately are really going to make all the difference to the life chances of some children in Cameroon.  Many young children are prevented from going to primary school because their parents are too poor to afford to buy a uniform for them – but these donations, totalling just £60, will enable around 10 of these children to be able to have the uniforms they need and turn their dream of going to school into a reality.

To make this situation even better, the uniforms will be made by the disabled adults that attend our partner SHUMAS’ training centre, as part of their trade training.  Once their training is complete, they graduate with some start-up materials for their own business, so they can live full and independent lives.

This is what hope for the future looks like – and we are very proud indeed to be investing in it in every small way we can.

graduation rehab trainees

Graduates from the Rehab Centre receiving their start-up materials