Just waiting for the formal handover

This is the new primary school at GS Nketisoh – just waiting for its final coat of paint and its official handover to the community.  

It will transform this village community who were struggling to provide any kind of building for the school when we first visited it in April 2016.  In fact, during our visit, the children were busy moving the benches and blackboards out of the building because the back wall was about to collapse following a heavy rainfall.  The new school is already in use and enrolment has more than doubled.  Thanks to our funders, Sunesis, not only is there a new classroom block with an office, but also a new latrine and tools for a school garden.  A new borehole has been drilled so that there is a reliable source of clean drinking water in this community too.

GS Nketisoh

Moving out of the old school building

GS Nketisoh 2

Props to stop the wall collapsing