Clean water for a community

The community of Upper Munjong in the NW region have desperate for a reliable source of clean drinking water for many years.  Families have tended to dig wells but they were never deep enough for the water to be clean.  With aid from some foreign investors, some new catchments for water were constructed in 2005 but the project was never completed and the catchments were not connected to tanks or pipelines, so they fell into disrepair.  Fortunately, with the help of funding from our supporters at Market Makers in Portsmouth, the catchments have now been renovated and new tanks and standpipes have been constructed.  It has been a marvellous project for this community and one in which the youngsters have turned out in force to help come to fruition.  Now everyone in Upper Munjong enjoys clean drinking water and the health of the community will certainly improve.

old catchment

Tree roots grew into the abandoned catchment

community project Munjong

Teenage boys help lay the pipeline

Munjong new standpipe

The completed standpipe