Bapes Mondial school underway … at last!

The school community in the poor little village of Bapes Mondial (Centre Region) has been struggling for months and months to get their local contributions together so that we can help them build 3 new classrooms, an office and a latrine, to replace their current accommodation, which is a collection of rickety stick and straw huts.  We have been encouraging them, cajoling them and even threatening to take the project away from them … but AT LAST, everything is in place and the foundations have now been dug for their first ever weatherproof school building.  The school should be ready to open by early March and we are absolutely certain that the whole village is going to be very proud indeed of all their efforts to get this project completed.  

There are currently 215 children at this school, with just 3 teachers but, with their new accommodation, the school roll is likely to increase and the PTA will be able to afford to employ more teachers.  Bapes Mondial will really be on the map!