A Christmas present for nursery children

There is a little bilingual nursery school at Akok-Ndoe, on the outskirts of the capital of Cameroon, Yaounde.  The school is ironically called the Marvellous nursery school, however its facilities are far from marvellous.  The school has no building, so it has borrowed a room as a temporary measure, but there are no chairs for the children – they sit on concrete blocks – no tables for them to use for their work and play, no latrines – in fact nothing but the generosity of the teachers and parents to provide nursery education for these children.  

BSFA and SHUMAS visited this little school in November, in the company of some of our supporters from Sunesis, pictured below, who were so moved by the poverty at this school that they have sent a Christmas gift of sufficient funds to purchase proper chairs and tables for 35 children.  This generous gift will make such a difference to this community and the children’s lives.  We know that they will be thrilled.