Building Schools for Africa


Building a Future for These Communities

Our Progress to Date

<p>CS Rifem - new classrooms</p>

CS Rifem - new classrooms

<p>The new school at Kishy</p>

The new school at Kishy

<p>GHS Nkar</p>

GHS Nkar

<p>BSFA trustees and supporters at the opening of GTC Kale-Kittiwum</p>

BSFA trustees and supporters at the opening of GTC Kale-Kittiwum

<p>GHS Kiyan</p>

GHS Kiyan

<p>CES Biakoa</p>

CES Biakoa

<p>CES Ngouetou</p>

CES Ngouetou

<p>EP Mintyaeminyumin</p>

EP Mintyaeminyumin

<p>The formal opening of EP Djafga</p>

The formal opening of EP Djafga

<p>Pupils of EP Ouro Boubi outside their new school building</p>

Pupils of EP Ouro Boubi outside their new school building

<p>The Roh-Kimbo bridge, nearly finished</p>

The Roh-Kimbo bridge, nearly finished

<p>Health Centre at Kovifem, well underway</p>

Health Centre at Kovifem, well underway

NOW FUNDED ... 202 classrooms at 62 schools!

In 2007 we were delighted to help rebuild a school in the  village of Ntseimbang. We thought our job was finished ... but we were wrong!

In 2008, we had raised enough funds to build  four more schools at Menjung, Quebessi, Bamali and Roh Meluf.

By 2009, sufficient funds had come in to build another seven schools, at Njap, Fungeh, Mbande, Njinikejem, Kumbo, Ndzevru and Achailam - and we realised that we were obviously doing something right!!

2010 saw the number of schools we managed to rebuild increase dramatically.  A total of forty-nine classrooms at twelve schools were funded by our supporters that year, in the villages of Ngali, Mambain, Bamessing, Mbah, Vekovi, Bamali, Nseh Makop, Nkartsen, Dzeng and Bamdzeng.

In 2011, ten more schools were constructed at Ber, Buh, Lassin, Jakiri, Ndengue, Abang, Muteff, Mayo Darle, Goulfey and Ndegvaya - and we added an extra classroom to a school constrcted by AidCamps International in Tubah. We had spread our wings and were now building in the North West, North, West and Extreme North regions. 

In 2012, five more schools were constructed in the villages of Idenau, Mbot, Makanene and Nseh. We were making our presence felt in the South West and Centre regions too. 

2013 saw four schools open in the West Region at Bangourain Chefferie, Njintout, Koumaga and Koumenke - and one in the North West region at Mfe. 

By early 2014 the two-year major development project in Kumbo Central (NW region) was nearing completion. The five schools at Rifem, Kishy, Kiyan, Nkar and Kale-Kittiwum were opened, leaving just the River Bridge, Health Centre and Water Supply to be completed by this November. 

Two new secondary schools were also opened in the Centre Region - CES Ngouetou and CES Biakoa - and our first school in the South region - EP Mintyaeminyumin in Sangmallima - was opened in grand style.  Finally, two more schools were opened in the Extreme North of the country, at Djafga and Ouro Boubi. 

Construction is now underway at another eight schools in the NW, Centre and South regions - where we are building a total of 20 classrooms.  Pictures to follow soon.

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All the schools we help reconstruct are provided with a new Ventilated Improved Pit (VIP) Latrine and we have recently started to include handwashing facilities as well.  We also try to find funding to provide clean drinking water at any of our schools that don't already have this.  Many of these water supplies have benefitted whole communities and we have witnessed a great reduction in water-borne disease at all of the villages where we have worked.

All of the schools we have helped over the years are running well. The majority have benefitted from increased enrolment and additional teachers employed.  Exam performance is improving exponentially and, for the first time in many of these villages, children are completing primary education and going on to secondary school.

You can read more about these school projects on our BUILDING SCHOOLS page and we are gradually posting pictures of all the schools, as they were before our intervention and after they were rebuilt, in our GALLERY.

Other Projects

Dormitory Accommodation

In 2012 we also funded the construction of a dormitory for disabled trainees who are currently learning trade skills at the SHUMAS Centre, to enable them to run small businesses and live independent and successful lives.  Many of their trainers, who are also disabled, live in the dormitory as well. 

Medical Centres

We have been able to include the refurbishment of five medical centres as part of some of our larger projects funded by substantial donations.  Each were furnished with new beds,cots and bedding as well as new medical equipment and they have dramatically improved the basic healthcare and maternity provision for many very remote communities.

River Bridge

More than 400 children currently use this broken wooden bridge to get to school every day. They have to dodge the motorbikes and trucks that also use it.  It is extremely dangerous and, during the rainy season, the river swells and many children have been swept away. The new design for the bridge includes discreet walkways for pedestrains and handrails which will provide a safe route to school for the children. It will be opened in November 2014.

We are amazed and very proud indeed of what has been achieved in just seven years - and we are very grateful to all our funders who continue to support us in this work and to those who have promised help in the  future.  

We promise you that we will ensure that every penny you donate will go to help provide a brighter future for the children of Cameroon.